Help us help the homeless on ROC the Day – November 28th!

Providence Housing, in line with HUD’s guidelines, has adopted a Housing First approach. Housing First allows for the immediate placement of homeless individuals and families without having to have required documentation immediately upon admission to a program. The idea behind this is the importance of housing and the stability that it provides to address other needs once this basic need is met. After placement, participants, Housing Specialists, Case Managers and any other part of the client’s team, gather required documentation for program participation. Many of the chronically homeless in our community have been living in shelters or the streets for such a long time that they do not have the access or means to furnish their new apartments. In addition to lack of furnishings, our clients will be in need of household goods such as kitchen ware, linens and often food.

Our grant budgets do not often allow for assistance with these items, creating a further challenge to the success of transitioning into apartment living. In order to provide these items for our program participants, we depend on donations of furnishings from various organizations that are often also limited in funding. Other resources are often used furnishings that are not always of the best quality. We believe that having quality furnishings and goods further promotes the sense of being home for our clients.

For ROC the Day, we are seeking funds to help purchase these items as we do not have large storage facilities and this allows us to help individuals as they come to us. However, if you have furniture or other items you’d like to donate, please contact Donna Granger at 585-529-9556.


This will allow us to help provide needed furnishings and household items for 20 individuals and families served through our homeless programs and Housing First initiatives. How many individuals can you help?

A $150 donation helps serve 1 individual or family.

A $300 donation helps serve 2 individuals/families.

A $450 donation helps serve 3 individuals/families.

A $600 donation helps serve 4 individuals or families.

Can’t donate $150? Donate whatever you are able. A smaller donation will make someone else’s donation go farther.

Two of our board members have made challenge pledges:

Daniel Saperstone will donate $300 once we have reached $750 in pledges. And Jeff Smith will donate $250 once we have reached $1,000 in donations. Our goal is to help 20 families or raise $3,000.

To learn more about our programs and services for the homeless and to donate, visit our ROC the DAY DONATION PAGE on November 28th and give what you are able.



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