ROC the Day Brings Hope for Continued Security at Son House

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November 29th is ROC THE DAY

Meet Brendan. He lives at Son House and feels safe there. He’d like to keep it that way.

Brendan Lopa has been a resident of Son House for nearly two years and is grateful for his home and cat, life, and the supportive resources he has thanks to Providence Housing and others. Brendan and other residents are concerned about the safety at Son House due to a building that will be torn down next door. Look for Brendan’s story soon on our website at

The brick building you see in the background of these photos will be demolished by the city, leaving a huge gap in privacy and protection on our property.

Without an appropriate fence on this property, there is a big risk for trespassers to climb onto the property and access the building. We have contracted with Wholesale Fence & Rail Supply to erect a new, taller fence along the property line that attaches to the building. The cost is $2,415.

Providence Housing is participating in ROC the Day, the Rochester community’s 24-hour, online giving event that provides donors an opportunity to support not-for-profit organizations doing great work in the greater Rochester area. Money donated to Providence Housing will help pay for the fence at Son House.

For more information on becoming a ROCstar and to donate on November 29th, visit or call 1-800-242-0238.

The following challenge grant has been set up so far for ROC the Day:

1) Daniel Saperstone, of The Cabot Group, is a board member donating up to $250 to match the first $250 in contributions made by others. Our goal is to raise $250 or more by 10 am.

To donate to Providence Housing directly after November 29th, 2016, contact Debbie Bilotta at

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