St. Salome Resident Anna Pavone Celebrates 104 Years

Anna Pavone recently celebrated her 104th birthday along with close to 70 friends and family at St. Salome Apartments on July 12.

Ms. Pavone was born in Rochester shortly before World War 1, in 1914. After a rough childhood, she found love and was married for 63 years. She and her husband raised two children.

One of the highlights of her life was moving to Florida in 1978 where she said, “there was always something going on.” Her great granddaughter, Gina Dalberth, fondly recalls gathering seashells with her mom, grandmother and great grandmother, and is so thankful that her own children know their great, great, grandmother.

After more than 25 years in Florida, Ms. Pavone returned to Rochester. She has lived at St. Salome Apartments for the past nine years and is very active. She still cooks and enjoys shopping at Wegmans — who has provided her a free birthday cake for the past four of the perks of being 100+ years old! Ms. Pavone has seven grandchildren, five great grandchildren, and five great, great grandchildren.

“She is just the nicest person,” said Stefanie Glatz, property manager at Providence Housing’s St. Salome Apartments, “She plays cards with her friends here every day and loves living here.” Her friend, Carol O’Connor, says “she never has a bad word to say about anybody and she has a great memory.” Friend Anna Poisinelli says, “she also has a long list of books that she’s read. She has read all of the Danielle Steele books.” Another friend, Sue Ciaglia, says “she makes the best pizza and shrimp mold. She’s a great cook!”

When asked what her secret to long life is, Ms. Pavone said, “I just keep going. I do all the things I’ve always done. I still do my own housework and cook, but I’ll do everything one at a time and take a rest in-between.”

Every one of our residents has a story. We are glad to be able to be part of Anna’s and our other seniors at St. Salome Apartments!

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